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    Labor and Employment Arbitrator/Mediator

    Thomas Angelo has served as a mediator or arbitrator in over 1000 employment cases. He serves as permanent arbitrator for approximately 30 different collective bargaining agreements and is listed with several public and private arbitration services. Mr. Angelo has mediated employment disputes arising out of employment contracts, sexual harassment claims and ADA complaints. He has also served as the neutral chairperson in impasse proceedings involving the State of Hawaii and public sector bargaining groups, and is a permanent mediator for the California State University and California Faculty Association.

    Mr. Angelo graduated from Willamette University College of Law in 1971 and worked in Washington D.C. for two years with the United State Department of Labor, Office of Labor Relations and Civil Rights. He joined the National Treasury Employees Union in 1973 as a staff attorney, eventually becoming Assistant General Counsel before moving to San Francisco in 1979. He served as Regional Attorney for the Federal Labor Relations Authority until 1983 when he began a fill time arbitration practice.

    Mr. Angelo is a member of various labor and employment groups, including the Distinguished Panel of Neutrals of Dispute Prevention & Resolution, Inc.; the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; the Hawaii Labor Relations Board; the American Arbitration Association; and the National Academy of Conciliation Service. He has served as Chair of the ABA Committee on Federal Sector Employment Law; President of the Society of Federal Labor Relations Professionals; Regional Chair for the National Academy of Arbitrators; and was the recipient of the 1993 AAA Distinguished Service Award for Labor Management Relations. He has taught labor law and alternate dispute resolution while on the faculty of the San Francisco Law School and routinely serves as a faculty member for training programs sponsored by the AAA, the Labor Arbitration Institute and other neutral groups.