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    Mr. Hughes was born on November 11, 1947 in Honolulu and attended Punahou School, graduating in 1966. He thereafter attended Ripon College, graduating in 1970, and Marquette University Law School, graduating in 1976.

    Mr. Hughes joined Libkuman, Ventura, Moon & Ayabe in 1976, becoming a partner when Mr. Moon left to join the judiciary and the firm was renamed Libkuman Ventura Ayabe & Hughes. Mr. Hughes left the firm in 1987 and formed his own practice. The firm is presently known as Hughes & Taosaka.

    The career focus of Mr. Hughes is insurance defense, the defense of insurance companies and their policyholders in litigation matters, including mediation, arbitration, trials and appeals. Mr. Hughes has defended automobile, premises, product and sports injury claims, insurance coverage matters, including the drafting of exclusionary endorsements, complex construction defect claims, real estate and legal errors and omissions claims.

    Mr. Hughes participated in the briefing and arguments in the following reported Hawaii cases: Doherty v Hartford Insurance, 58 Haw. 570 (1978), Brown v Clark Equipment, 62 Haw. 530 (1980), King v Ilikai Properties, 2 Haw. App. 359 (1981), Peters v Peters, 63 Haw. 653 (1981), Socal v Hawaiian Insurance & Guranty Co., 65 Haw. 521 (1982), Lim v Harvis Construction Co., 65 Haw. 71 (1982), Kaneko v Hilo Coast Processing, 65 Haw 447 (1982), Alt v Krueger, 4 Haw. App. 201 (1983), Sturla v Firemans Fund Insurance Co., 67 Haw. 203 (1984), Rana v Bishop Insurance Co., 6 Haw. App. 1 (1985), Commerce & Industry Ins. Co. v Bank of Hawaii, 73 Haw. (1992), Pacific International Services Corp. v Hurip, 76 Haw. 209 (1994), Dunlea v Dappen, 83 Haw. 28 (1996), Island Insurance Co. v Johnny’s Plumbing, 86 Haw. 363 (1997), Tradewind Insurance Co. v Bayudan, 87 Haw. App. 379 (1998), and Island Insurance Co. v Dairy Road Partners, 92 Haw. 398 (2000).

    In addition to his career focus in insurance defense matters, Mr. Hughes is active in mediations, serving as a community volunteer mediator with the Mediation Center of the Pacific and, commercially, with Dispute Prevention & Resolution. Mr. Hughes is also a member of the board of directors for the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus and is active in the Parent Teacher Organization at the Mid-Pacific Institute.