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    Paul, Johnson, Park & Niles

    Jim Paul is a graduate of Occidental College (A.B.), Rutgers University (M.A., Eagleton Fellow), and Stanford Law School.

    He is a principal with the Hawaii law firm of Paul, Johnson, Park & Niles. As a trial lawyer, he has litigated commercial cases in state and federal courts for nearly 25 years, including some of the largest and most complex cases filed in Hawaii. Mr. Paul has arbitrated or mediated nearly 100 commercial cases, and he has been appointed as an arbitrator or mediator in dozens more, many involving multi-million dollar claims.

    Mr. Paul is an adjunct professor at the University of Hawaii Law School, teaching litigation-related courses, and participates in the annual intensive mediation training programs sponsored by the Accord Group. He has lectured in seminars and training programs for arbitrators and mediators sponsored by the American Arbitration Association. He has also been a trainer and speaker on various ADR and litigation topics for the Hawaii Institute of Continuing Education and the Hawaii State Bar Association.

    Mr. Paul is a member of the boards of various ADR and community organizations, including the Board of Advisors of the Hawaii Judiciary’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution and the American Arbitration Association. He has been President of the Hawaii Chapter of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, and President of Hawaii Public Radio.

    Mr. Paul is co-author of Hawaii Arbitration Law, and an editor of Hawaii Arbitration Law Periodical and Hawaii Construction Law.