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    For the past 36 years, Erik D. Eike, Esq. has represented and fought on behalf of clients in Hawaii’s construction industry, including previously serving as General Counsel for Fletcher Pacific Construction & Dick Pacific Construction, as well as representing many other general contractors, subcontractors, owners and design professionals. With his prior professional training in architecture, construction law has been a natural blend of Mr. Eike’s architectural and legal training. From licensing, project development, estimating, bidding, contract negotiations, staffing, cost accounting, scheduling, job-site safety, schedule analysis, forensic investigation, government contracting, and collection, Mr. Eike has extensive experience in all aspects of the issues

    facing Hawaii’s construction industry as well as general commercial disputes. He understands the sometimes differing expectations and concerns between a subcontractor, general contractor, owner and designer. He has been involved in both the business side of construction, as well as forensic litigation, for large projects throughout the Pacific Basin and western United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, California, Arizona, Washington, Guam, Saipan and the Federated States of Micronesia.

    Having handled hundreds of cases in the arbitration and mediation context, Mr. Eike understands the importance of cost effective and efficient alternative dispute resolution so that the parties can resolve their issues and get back to focusing on new business success. As an arbitrator, he brings detailed knowledge not only as to construction and general commercial law, but first-hand experience with industry customs and practices, and the technical aspects of construction including construction cost accounting, safety standards, and schedule analysis. Contracts are important, and must be properly applied in the context of the realities of the job, industry custom, and the practices of the parties. While arbitration should be less formal than court proceedings, and better focused at simply getting to the truth rather than unnecessary procedural hurdles, Mr. Eike believes in a well-run and disciplined hearing with proper decorum and due regard to the importance of the issues at stake.

    As a mediator, Mr. Eike understands the realities of the construction and business environment, and has observed and learned first hand the most effective mediation techniques from the best in the field in many of Hawaii’s largest and most complex cases. Mediation should not be a “numbers” game, but rather, an exploration of the issues, risks, arguments and ultimate outcome prospects for purposes of reaching a mutually acceptable (if not entirely satisfactory) result for which adequate business justification exists. Ultimately, a compromise on dollars will inevitably come into play to reach a mutually acceptable outcome, but should be done in the context of the issues to provide a legitimate basis for prudent business decision.

    Mr. Eike attended the University of Kansas School of Architecture, and later received his Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas School Of Law. He successfully worked and paid his own way through school doing computer programming for businesses in the days before the PC or Mac. He began his legal career at the large Kansas City firm of Watson Ess Marshall & Enggas in a national management- side labor law practice focusing on multi-plant/multi-State strike situations and labor grievance arbitrations. He later accepted a position with the Honolulu firm of Damon Key Char & Bocken, and has been focused on construction law and general commercial litigation ever since. After opening his own office in 1998, he served as General Counsel for one of Hawaii’s two largest general contractors for approximately ten years. He is licensed in Hawaii, Alaska and Missouri, and admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and the US Court Of Federal Claims.

    In 2009, he founded and launched Kilimanjaro Rifles as the preeminent American maker of fine hand- made custom hunting rifles, competing directly with the older established European makers. Under his leadership, Kilimanjaro received Sporting Classics magazine’s Award Of Excellence in 2011 for creating “the pinnacle of strength, beauty and accuracy” with the observation that “there is always room at the top.” Kilimanjaro’s rifles have been featured in all of the major hunting journals, and were selected to grace the cover of Sports Afield magazine’s annual rifles issue. Needless to say, Mr. Eike is an avid big game and dangerous game hunter who has hunted all over the world. He is also an experienced blue water sailor who has sailed his own boat from California to Hawaii using only the traditional sextant and nautical almanacs for navigation.

    Mr. Eike’s arbitration and mediation services are available at the rate of $3900 per day or $495 per hour. He is available to travel as necessary for proceedings on all of the Hawaiian Islands, the US mainland, and internationally.