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    After 20 years as a commercial litigator, Diane Hastert is convinced there are better ways to resolve disputes, hence her commitment to ADR. She knows mediation and arbitration can save time and money, preserve creative energy, reduce stress and often salvage valuable relationships that have become contentious and unproductive.

    Experience counts. Creative problem solving to facilitate a mutually satisfactory mediated solution and the ability to be a successful arbitrator depends on it. Mrs. Hastert has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases, including complex, multi-party suits. The areas in which she has had substantial experience include construction, aviation, insurance, real estate, bankruptcy, banking and personal injury. Her facility to cut to the chase and provide keen insight and evaluation make her well-suited to assist in the prompt resolution of cases that often are prolonged and tax those involved most severely.

    Mrs. Hastert began mediating fee disputes between clients and their lawyers for the Hawaii State Bar Association more than 15 years ago. Since then, she has participated in numerous mediations and arbitrations and attended a number of ADR training courses offered by the Hawaii Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the American Arbitration Association. She is a member of her firm’s management committee.

    In addition to law practice, Mrs. Hastert has served as follows: Board of Examiners, Hawaii Supreme Court; Advisory Committee to United States District Court for the District of Hawaii (Vice-Chair); Hawaii Judicial Foresight Congress; Supreme Court of Hawaii Committee on Code of Judicial Conduct; Disciplinary Board Hearing Officer; Committee on Model Rules of Professional Conduct; Hawaii State Bar Association (Secretary & Director); Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference; Ninth Circuit Senior Advisory Selection Panel; United States District Court Rules Committees; Federal Magistrate Merit Selection Panel; United States District Court Judicial Conference Delegate; Adjunct Professor, William S. Richardson School of Law; Hawaii Institute for Continuing Legal Education (Director & Instructor); Hawaii Women’s Legal Foundation; Easter Seal Society of Hawaii (Director); Goodwill Industries of Hawaii, Inc. (Director); Hawaii Theatre Center (Director); and Hawaiian Humane Society (Director).