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“A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.” George Herbert.
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Neutral Evaluation is a non-binding process which utilizes a neutral fact-finder who evaluates the merits of the parties' positions. After the parties have submitted written position statements and supporting exhibits, the neutral evaluator convenes a brief, informal hearing to hear an abbreviated version of each party's case. Thereafter, the neutral provides the parties with an objective and confidential assessment of their positions. The neutral's written assessment can serve as a valuable tool for further negotiations between the parties.

Dispute Review Board is a dispute prevention strategy utilized primarily in the construction industry. At the commencement of the project a DRB, comprised of two party-appointed members and a neutral chairperson, is established. During the course of the project the DRB conducts periodic visits to the project site to monitor progress and make recommendations to the parties to resolve project problems. When problems can not be resolved informally the DRB conducts hearings to allow the parties an opportunity to present proofs regarding claims and disputes. Often the written recommendations of the DRB form the basis of settlements between the parties and are also admissible as evidence in subsequent proceedings.

Minitrial is a settlement process which involves the presentation of a highly summarized case by the parties to three member panel comprised of a senior official from each party (with full settlement authority) and a neutral chairperson. Following the case presentations, the neutral chairperson convenes a private caucus with the two senior company officials in an effort to mediate or render a non-binding recommendation.