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    Full-Time Professional Mediator/Arbitrator
    Attorney, Psychologist, Academy of Professional Family Mediators*
    Listed in Best Lawyers in America in ADR & Family Law Mediation

    Jim Hoenig has over 20 years experience resolving difficult and complex family matters involving substantial property and business issues as well as custody and visitation situations. He has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases in a wide variety of areas (e.g., family, probate and trusts, commercial, construction, employment, real estate, contract, partnership, securities, banking, medical malpractice, tort) with claims ranging up to several million dollars. Jim received the 2013 ‘Ikena Award from the HSBA for his outstanding service educating attorneys, judges, mediators, and law students in settlement techniques.

    Jim graduated first in his class from Stanford University and Stanford Law School, was Law Review President, and served as Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of the United States (Earl Warren). He also holds a Ph.D. in psychology. He practiced litigation and corporation law with O’Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles, and was later president of a large real estate development company and a part-time lecturer in the California Community College system (real estate, labor relations, and psychology of negotiation).

    Jim is the founder of the Family Law Tribunal of Dispute Prevention & Resolution (DPR), and is a member of DPR’s Distinguished Panel of Neutrals and a mediator for the Supreme Court’s Appellate Conference Program.

    Jim is a member of the Family Law Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution and the Family Law and Probate and Estate Planning Sections of the Hawaii State Bar Association. He was a member of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) Panels of Arbitrators and Mediators and a member of (and on the training faculty for) the AAA’s blue-ribbon Large Complex Case Panel. He is a former per diem Adjudicator.

    Jim is author of “Divorce Mediation Basics” (The Practical Lawyer, July 1997). He is co-author of the Hawaii Arbitration Law textbook (HICLE 1992), “Dispute Resolution in Construction & Real Estate” (Real Estate Review, Spring 1993), “The Complete Guide to Mediation” (Inter-Pacific Bar Assn. Journal, Dec. 1996), “Guide to Creative Mediation,” (Dispute Resolution Journal, Spring 1997), “Mediation of Real Estate & Construction Disputes,” (Real Estate Review, Fall 1997), and “Practitioner’s Guide to Mediation,” (Hawaii Bar Journal, Jan. 1998). He is a contributing author for the Hawaii Divorce Manual (2001-05) and the National ADR Handbook (Lawyers Co-op 1993) and has written numerous other works about dispute prevention and resolution processes.

    Recent awards include:

    2013 HSBA ‘Ikena Award for training attorneys, judges, and others in mediation and settlement techniques.
    2014 Mediation Center of the Pacific Award for “Outstanding Leadership in Mediation.”
    2014 Hawaii Family Courts Award for “his many decades of service in promoting mediation as an alternative to Divorce and his contributions to the quality of justice in our Family Courts.”
    2014-15 Hawaii Arbitration Lawyer of the Year (Best Lawyers in America and Best Lawyers in Hawaii). Jim has been listed in Best Lawyers in Arbitration, Mediation, and Family Law Mediation for the last ten years.
    1003 Bishop Street – Pauahi Tower Suite #1155
    Honolulu , Hawaii 96813
    Phone:(808)523-1234 Fax: (808)599-9100 E-mail: jkh@dprhawaii.com

    *Mr. Hoenig does not practice law, psychology, or marriage & family therapy. Clients who require or desire such assistance may be referred to qualified professionals.