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    Colin Love graduated from the University of California in 1958 with a degree in Geology. Mr. Love then took a position on a United Geophysical Corp. field crew and searched for oil in the Western United States for approximately two years.

    Mr. Love then took a position as an engineering geologist at the California Department of Transportation, Materials and Research Laboratory, in Sacramento, California. The 1960’s were a time of explosive expansion in the transportation network in California. As an engineering geologist, Mr. Love worked on planning, design and construction problems relating to the design, construction and maintenance of highways, bridges, dams and public buildings. Mr. Love also published original papers on such subjects as computer analysis of shallow reflection seismic data and a geophysical study of highway problems in limestone terrain. Mr. Love also participated in research in the use of sub-audible rock noise in predicting activity of major landslides. Mr. Love received and currently holds professional licensing as a Geologist, an Engineering Geologist and a Geophysicist in the State of California.

    The next step was law school. Mr. Love became a member of the California Bar 1972 and took a position as an attorney for the California Department of Transportation Legal Division. For four years Mr. Love represented the State of California as an attorney in construction contract litigation and government tort liability litigation.

    Mr. Love and his wife and two sons moved to Kailua-Kona in 1976 where Mr. Love went into private practice. Being an attorney in a small town, Mr. Love practiced law in just about every area of human conflict. His primary interest was in business, construction, real estate and condominium related issues.

    Mr. Love was appointed by the Chief Justice as a Per Diem District Court and Family Court Judge in 1985. He held that position until June 2006. Mr. Love has been an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association for more than 15 years and is a member of its panels of Commercial, Construction, Large Complex Claims and Mass Claims Arbitrators. Mr. Love is called upon by the County of Hawaii Planning Department to serve as a Contested Case Hearing Officer and as a Mediator. He is also called upon by the County of Hawaii Board of Review to serve as a Contested Case Hearing Officer. He has been appointed by the Circuit Court to serve as a paid mediator on several occasions.

    In 1990 Mr. Love took two years off from the active practice of law to be the Senior Geologist for Harding Lawson and Associates on the Island of Hawaii. He was in charge of their office on the Big Island and was responsible for the quality control of the construction of the foundations for large hotel projects on the Kona and Kohala Coast and the Keck Observatory Expansion and the Subaru Observatory on Mauna Kea. Mr. Love considered those two years as a time to get back to reality after 28 years of practicing law.

    Since 1992 Mr. Love has been primarily offering a real estate document service on the Island of Hawaii and acted as a mediator, an arbitrator or a Contested Case Hearings Officer on a large verity of disputes and as a Per Diem Judge in both the District Court and the Family Court in the Third Circuit of the State of Hawaii.

    Mr. Love believes that for mediation or arbitration to be successful the service must be provided expeditiously. For that reason Mr. Love has always been willing to adjust his schedule to the needs of the parties in the dispute.