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DPR charges a single hourly rate or daily fee for each case. The hourly rate/daily fee is based upon the nature, size and complexity of the case and the neutral selected. This hourly/daily rate is inclusive of all other fees and expenses associated with the administration of an ADR process; such as hearing room charges, case administration expenses, phone and fax charges, copier charges. Out of pocket expenses incurred by DPR neutrals (e.g., transportation, lodging, meals, etc.), or by DPR (e.g., after hours air conditioning, etc.), are usually borne equally by the parties. DPR will assess the Hawaii General Excise Tax.

DPR requires each party to submit in advance of the proceeding an initial deposit for the anticipated DPR/Neutral fees and expenses. All funds deposited with DPR are held in trust. DPR will be responsible for issuing payment(s) to the DPR/neutral and any refunds due to the parties at the conclusion of the case.

In addition, in order to maintain the highest degree of objectivity among our neutrals, DPR case managers will negotiate and administer all arrangements for compensation between the parties and the DPR neutral.